Thursday, July 3, 2014

Where Will You Innovate?

From Al Gore's current Rolling Stone article:

In poorer countries, where most of the world's people live and most of the growth in energy use is occurring, photovoltaic electricity is not so much displacing carbon-based energy as leapfrogging it altogether. In his first days in office, the government of the newly elected prime minister of India, Narendra Modi (who has authored an e-book on global warming), announced a stunning plan to rely principally upon photovoltaic energy in providing electricity to 400 million Indians who currently do not have it. 

Wow. So new tech is going to people who have never had the Same Old Thing.

In religious circles these days sometimes the innovation happens outside of bricks and mortar churches. Part of this is that bricks and mortar costs a lot of money--startups don't have it.  But also, there isn't an existing infrastructure to work through/around and less time spent on "We can't do that" and "What we have now is working well enough."

For some time now we Unitarian Universalists have been hearing about Congregations and Beyond.

And at General Assembly Faithify was launched, a way to crowdsource donations for exciting new projects on a wide range of passions.

Next up is NextGen Ministries* - 

a developing umbrella initiative of the UUA that will help spark new faith communities and congregational ventures to reach younger adults and other groups with high growth potential in Unitarian Universalism. NextGen Ministries projects, will be creative, collaborative, diverse, tech-savvy, mission-focused and action oriented, embodying the spirit of our new ventures in faith. They will be started by individuals and groups both inside congregations and outside congregations. 

It's a ripe time for innovation.  
What's your big idea?
How will you change the world?

I'm going to have some vacation first, before I start plotting.

*That's a working title, calling to mind Jean-Luc Picard. Not necessarily a bad thing.

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