Saturday, April 26, 2014

Finding your calm wherever you might be

The whole family headed to my partner's company picnic today. Several hundred people taking over a ranch turned country club.  Lovely landscaping and plenty of activities, plus a rather amazing treehouse featuring air-conditioning AND a bathroom.

We strolled the grounds and chatted with people while the boys explored the boating and fishing options and the treehouse. Other than lunch and a short round of bocce, secondborn spent most of the day on the lake. (Thank you, Wellness group for handing out tubes of sunscreen.) In this picture he's lying down in a kayak, having a bit of a siesta while the rest of us were in the pavilion awaiting raffle results. 

While we did not win a smart-TV or an overpriced cooler or an iPad, he got to float in peace.  Smart kid.

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