Monday, April 21, 2014

Oops and Ow Moments

When I was a kid I accidentally slammed my hand in a heavy car door. The doctor, while checking for damage, asked, "Well, why would you do such a silly thing?"

I had no good answer. I had no intention of causing myself pain, but it happened. And I have yet to stop. Over the years I've fallen awkwardly, had a pizza cutter incident, and repeatedly gotten poison ivy in my own backyard.

The worst is when I cause myself damage and don't even realize it until hours later when I'm hurting or unable to move in all the ways. Usually that's a back thing. 

Part of it is that I'm not always paying attention. Trying to do too many things at once, often rushing to get something done. Forgetting that I can slow down or ask for help or just let things wait.

I've heard from others that this annoying skill of mine is not that unusual--have you ever had one of these oops and ow moments?

What helps you to be more mindful? To be more patient?
Does it keep you from hurting yourself?
(And likely from hurting others!)

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