Saturday, April 12, 2014

Signs Spring Is Here

Many of my northern friends are posting pictures of crocuses and daffodils lately, remarking on putting away the shovels and unplugging the bird bath heaters.  

In Houston, winter proper (such as we have it*) has been over for a month now. And flowers never completely stop. Heck, we have some 'deciduous' trees that stay green all year.

So, how do I know it's finally Spring?

It could be the desperate urge to garden--weeding and trimming, getting container plantings started in my patio, and putting some spring color into a front bed. Yes, I could garden most any time of the year, but my Wisconsin blood comes through with this early April compulsion. Confession time--today I bought a tree at the grocery store. I swear, I was going for butter, Sunday School snacks, and Seder food.  I brought home a tree, too.

Along with the gardening (and the rise in temperature), comes a desire for cool foods, and lots of veggies.  I had a salad and ceviche at brunch this morning.  My partner had the traditional eggs, bacon, and English muffin, so be assured, breakfast was covered.

It could be the decision to put away the flannel sheets. We might have a cold front next week (40s at night), so this is a bit of a crapshoot. But it's 85 today--it just
feels like it's time.

Or maybe it's the letter from the Homeowner's Association, telling us things that our wrong with our house.  Those always seem to start up in April, dooming us to extra hours of joyless tasks. This one came Thursday, and tells us that there's mildew on our bricks. We live in a semi-tropical climate, folks. Mildew happens.  (If I ever move, I might seek out mildew-colored bricks, just to save us all the time and paperwork.)

Sadly for everyone who lives with me, I've never had a sudden urge to clean the house in springtime. Chametz will forever remain in the corners of this joint, and a certain level of clutter.

But I do become more open to change--the comfort of 'things as they've always been' starts to itch a little. As my gardenia blossoms and the basil threatens to bolt, I consider where I'd like movement in my work and in my life in general. What could be freed up? What could be more dynamic?

It's an exciting time. And excitement, of course, leads to more work and more stretching.  Thank goodness for ibuprofen, good friends, and soft summer sheets.

*No, it's not bilzzard land, but even here this winter was unusually cold.  We had icing three times, where usually that happens every few years. There was snow, but no accumulation, because again, semi-tropical climate.  Zone 9, if you're into USDA hardiness zones.

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