Friday, April 25, 2014

Sex, Sex, Movies, and Sex!

I'd love your input on this one.

My sons recently completed Jr. High OWL (Our Whole Lives), the amazing comprehensive sexuality education program. They spent a couple of months learning much more than the basic plumbing facts, talking about values and relationships. It was meaningful and practical and they got to eat a lot of bagels. 

Anyway, with all this new knowledge and maturity, we figure they're ready for some more mature movies. We could simply up the ratings, but would love to make a fun list of movies to watch together.

So, ideas? 


  1. Katy -- have you seen the OWL-related wiki site -- it has a section on movie recommendations:

    This Google docs spreadsheet link has some recomendations collected before 2009:

  2. Thanks, Steve!! We won't lack for entertainment for a long time!