Thursday, April 10, 2014

Patio Office!

Back in February I posted about the on-pause patio project at my home.
While my amazing father was here last month, we completed the work, leveling the ground and putting in flagstone and pea gravel.  

After my appointments today I decided the patio could be my home office, as I worked my way through a bunch of reading, emails, and logistics.

(Also, I never knew this camp chair had a canopy.  Awesome for this pasty girl.)

 My coworker in the home office was happy for a while to bask in a sunspot on a favorite pillow, but soon enough decided that she'd rather be out and about with her peers.  Or back in air-conditioning. 

Tomorrow I'll be back in my church office, and soon enough it will be too hot to be outside in the heat of day. But today was pretty wonderful.

I'm privileged enough to have some flexibility in what I do--not chained to a single desk or even a single task in most moments. But too often I get stuck in "Holy Cow! So Much To Do!" and do not stop to consider that I could be plenty productive away from the desk and the phone and the Giant Stack of Binders. 

Opportunities for joy and beauty and laughter--I look for ways to include them in every Sunday School lesson, but in the sacred work I do on my own? As Tim Gunn likes to say, "Make it work, people."

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