Saturday, April 5, 2014

Katy's Non-exhaustive List of Movie Rules

To quote Sally*, "I just like it the way I like it."

For the purposes of this post, I will be talking about movies I see in theaters.  I watch plenty on DVD and TV as well, but theaters, oh, it's a special magic.

1) I choose movies based on their popcorn-ability and whether I feel the big screen will add something to the experience. That is, I want something that is dynamic and meant for entertainment. Serious stuff waits for rental or TV.   Giant monsters, superheroes, kabooms?  Let's go out to the movies! This also means that by the time the Oscars come around, the only nominated movies I've seen are those nominated for special effects, sound editing, and animation. I'm OK with that.

2) Yes, popcorn is mandatory. Our usual place does bottomless popcorn, with (real) butter on request. It's an important part of the experience.

3) Sit close to the back of the theater. (My eyes prefer it. Your mileage may vary.) 

3a) Seats with armrests that swivel up are bonus, as I most often go with my sweet baboo.

4) There should be enough trailers that you nearly forget what movie you came to see. I love trailers. Today's were Amazing Spiderman 2 (I think I am getting old. Also, it seems a real waste of Emma Stone), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Michael Bay? Hrm.), Guardians of the Galaxy (Vin Diesel gets to have some geek fun), and X-Men: Days of Future Past (I may have cried during this one.) Oooo!  The Godzilla ad just came on my TV.  Distracted much? Yes.

5) OF COURSE you do your best not to distract others in the theater. We go to Alamo Drafthouse whenever we can, not just for the yummy hatch chile queso fries and quote-alongs, but because they have a firm No Talking policy, with great announcements.

6) We must stay for the end credits. First, because I enjoy the different animations--today's (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) were simple but intriguing. And because sometimes you get surprises, like Nick Fury.

7) The best time to go to the movies is early afternoon, so I can be surprised by sunlight when I walk out of the theater. That said, I'm happy to go most anytime.

*I did not see When Harry Met Sally at its theatrical release, as it was before my friends and I could drive. But I've made up for it since.

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