Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh, Fort Hood...

There are other things I planned to post tonight.

But another shooting at Fort Hood stops me in my tracks.

The details seem to be coming out quickly. Four dead, including the shooter.  Sixteen injured, some quite critically. The instant constant news cycle means that experts and congresspeople and military representatives are quick to share what they know or suppose.

Even if there were a call for help, even if I had a specific skill to be of use there, I am two hundred miles away.

Speculations and careful reasoning to put together how something so horrible can happen? My mind could likely come up with a thousand scenarios.

But my heart has no patience for that-it knows only that something is horribly wrong, that it is hurting.

Tonight I will simply pray.

For the families and the friends of the fallen
For the healing of the injured
For the steady hands and sure way forward for the medical staff treating the wounded
For our servicepeople who reel from yet another horrible shock
For all those petrified with worry, not knowing if their loved ones might be lost or hurting
For all of us.

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