Sunday, April 13, 2014


I had two chairs in my office, stacked neatly.  And they WOULD NOT come apart. Heaven knows how long they had been stuck, but I needed them separate today for a meeting. No amount of physical strength could help. And I had company, so the justified expression of certain words didn't seem prudent.

It doesn't take much to flummox me some days.

And then I saw something odd.  Is that... wire?

Sure enough, someone had taken the time to wrap about eight inches of rigid metal wire around the legs of both chairs.

The most likely culprits? My own sons.

Movies and books and real life give us countless stories of PKs- Preachers' Kids. The children of religious educators are more stealthy.

Thankfully, I took a picture of this, because I forgot all about it minutes later.
Perhaps tomorrow I'll ask the boys for the rest of the story. 

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