Thursday, June 12, 2014

Delicious Synergy

Local restaurant Hobbit Cafe makes this awesome sandwich the Far Down--guacamole and egg salad on their hearty bread. 

For years I watched a friend eat the messy thing and just did not understand. It seemed like too much squish and mixed together in a less than appetizing way.

Then I ordered it, and well, let's just say that it's become MY dish*. Such synergy!  Creamy and tangy and smooth and cool and so delicious.

Most Thursdays I work from home, and it's a similar synergy.  I get uninterrupted (and shoeless!) time to work on bigger projects, to handle some of my writing, or to attack a pile of professional reading. AND I can throw laundry in the washer, start supper, and yes, make myself a guacamole and egg salad sandwich for lunch. 

But now it is summer. The house is not as empty or as quiet with my teens on vacation. How much bickering could I take before I fled to the office?

Thankfully, they were astoundingly good officemates, keeping it down AND bringing me coffee and water on request. To be honest, the dog was more disruptive than the teens--the boys stopped pushing the bathroom door open years ago.

So now I've crossed a few items off the "Get Done This Month" list for work, answered umpteen emails, washed my Standing on the Side of Love t-shirt for a weekend thing, made a hearty and nutritious dinner, and got a little face time with my kids. I'll head back to the office tomorrow, reenergized and raring to go.

Thank goodness.

*It also got me to create a guacamole deviled egg that is pretty awesome.

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