Saturday, June 14, 2014

UU Voice for Justice, practice run!

A year and a half ago, leaders from Houston's Unitarian Universalist churches envisioned a joint project for social witness. The project has been coming together, first with a leadership team, then with a citywide training this Spring. To start with, there are three action areas--women's health and reproductive rights, LGBTQ rights, and interfaith tolerance.  When the group finds out about a local issue around these areas, a rally can be scheduled and a mass text goes out, sharing details of the event.

This morning we had a practice rally, the first for Houston's Unitarian Universalist Voice for Justice, or UUV4J for short. About fifty-five people showed up for the dry run. 

We show up in our goldenrod Standing on the Side of Love shirts, the crowd's words scripted to a few chants and songs. Each event has a named spokesperson to talk with the press and any officials. 

For some, keeping to the proscribed role can sometimes be a challenge--many of us feel quite passionately about these issues and have personal stories to share.  Then there are those of us who find it freeing--there's no pressure, and far less courage needed. It's just about being there, standing in silent (or singing) witness, loving the world.

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