Friday, June 27, 2014

Where We Connect

I hear it again and again--people grateful for General Assembly, as it's the only time of year that they see certain colleagues or friends. 

These connections are so very necessary, especially when we can feel so very alone in our everyday lives. 

And I don't just mean professionally. So many of us live hours if not days from family, and we may not see our local friends often enough either.

Yes, we live in the future--unlimited talk and text, more social media platforms than I can list... technology can be helpful, but it is still not the same as being face to face together.

I'm looking forward to heading back to my homeland next week--I haven't been there since last July. I have been dying to meet my new nephew--born in February, he is already out of the newborn stage.  And his big sister has turned four, so now she knows everything. There will be a crazy family reunion and hopefully I'll see some of my high school pals.  So much opportunity for connection.

Meanwhile, my bestie here will be packing up her house and moving a few hours away.  We're working on how NOT to be those folks who only see each other at GA. There are tamales to be made once it's cold again, and hopefully we can be compelling reasons to honor our days off. 

Any ideas for meeting spots between Austin and Houston?

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