Monday, June 2, 2014

Easy Crowd Pleasers, Part II

Summer!  It's getting hot, but we still need to eat.

Even when Mom didn't feel like going to the grocery store because she wanted to read a couple of books...

Tonight was Ginormous Salad Night.
A big green salad with the delicious vegetables in the house, plus quartered hard boiled eggs, anchovies for those who like them, and tuna salad for those who like them. Salad dressings on the table.

Yes, I put out JUST salad stuff for supper.
With ravenous teens.

And no one complained.

To be fair, I probably could not get away with this more than once a week.  But hey, everyone ate vegetables! And I found out that firstborn seeks out thinly-sliced radishes. (Ignores them if they're whole in the crisper--one step at a time.)

You don't have to lay out thirty little bowls of toppings like your local SouperSalad/SweetTomatoes/RubyTuesdays*, but here are some other delicious things to put on a salad-

Egg salad
Chicken salad
Marinated chickpeas
Crisp-tender green beans
Nuts, if you like such things
Frozen peas (OK, fine, use fresh ones. But I always have a bag of frozen peas on hand.)
Pickled beets
Artichoke hearts
What else?

*Why do all these chains have two names? Is there a culinary conspiracy I've yet to uncover?


  1. Slices or chunks of apple
    Taco or fajita meat of all sorts are always good

  2. (Never fear. There was avocado on the salad last night.)