Friday, June 6, 2014


I was born and raised in the Dairy State and tonight I am celebrating! Justice Crabb has declared 
the state ban on "same-sex" marriage to be unconstitutional, and couples have already been married in Milwaukee and Madison!  I am singing and happy and hopeful...

I am writing this post especially late tonight, as I spent rather a lot of time reading the full eighty-eight page document. It's interesting and educational, citing previous court decisions, research, books, and the wikipedia page of George Washington. (Really.)

Legally, this is not a done deal--the state has already called for immediate injunctions and the last few paragraphs of the decision suggest some gray areas, or at least areas to be tidied up.  The news reports that the window to marry may be very short, and the Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele kept offices open until 9 PM tonight and on Saturday, vowing to pay any overtime costs out of his own pockets.

This is NOT just the hare-brained scheme of one activist judge.

The State Attorney General has issued a statement about defending the constitutionality of the ban, citing 'traditional marriage'... but really, he is defending privilege. He is defending status quo.

When we claim that something is wrong because it isn't the way we do things? Because it isn't the way that works for US personally? This is a sign of inflexibility, sometimes multiplied by millions of voices and votes, but no guarantee of being right.

If I am to be honest with myself, I know there are ways in which I am inflexible and resistant and pretty darned set in my ways.  It is spiritual work to consider viewpoints beyond my own, especially when they might involve change or loss on my part. 

I could go on, but it's nearly midnight.  (And the final kaboom is about to happen in that 1994 cinematic classic Speed.)

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