Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Maybe I Need Perfume?

Back in the 70s there was an ad campaign for Enjoli perfume, of all things.
"I can bring home the bacon.... fry it up in a pan...." a glamorous woman, empowered by her long-lasting chemical fragrance, got it all done*.

That's some magical perfume. Maybe it was spiked with a stimulant?

Around here, we all have to pitch in to get the household working. And even so, we grab hold of shortcuts when we can, and grow more flexible by the day.

Today was firstborn's turn to make dinner. He'd decided he wanted to make soup, but hadn't decided what kind. I called from my office to give him a twenty-minute ultimatum. 

Ten minutes later he emailed me a recipe and gave me a call back. Together we worked through what I would need to get from the store, and I promised to be home as soon as I could so his soup would have time to chill. 

The store, though... every avocado was rock hard. Hrm. Fine, we'll grab the premade guacamole.

And no tomato juice. Really? I gave him the choice of reduced-sodium veggie juice or Bloody Mary mix.

It worked well enough--but what might the REAL recipe have tasted like? Are we missing out due to my reluctance to go to a second store?

I'm thinking my sanity and time are worth more than five-star dinner results on any given Tuesday.

*Why, yes, I am too young to know the Peggy Lee version, which paints a different picture of daily tasks. Though I probably saw Miss Piggy's performance on The Muppet Show.

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