Thursday, June 26, 2014

Preparing for My Successor

It's that time of year in church land when people retire or move on to other endeavors, and a number of my colleagues have mentioned that they are preparing their office for the next person in the position--making sure arrangements have been made for the coming year, cleaning up what messes they can, and returning the office to a more neutral state as they move out their personal treasures and knickknacks.

I'm not going on to another position, but with three years here, I finally feel like I am coming into my own in understanding the work. So I am trying to learn from my colleagues' example, putting things in order so my August self will walk into an office that is ready.

Having conversations now and getting details nailed down so that we truly DO know what we're going to accomplish in August and September. 

Taking some time to consider where things need adjusting, poring over resources that might improve next year's program.

And there's been a lot of tidying. 

Emptying the craft baskets until the next time we need 'stained glass' chalices or pipe cleaner butterflies. Putting away the binders for a while. 

Filing.  Man, oh, man, but I dislike filing. But putting away old records and having resources organized...I know I will appreciate all of this when I return to the office.

Assuming I don't head to Montana to raise goats.