Friday, March 21, 2014

Because DREs are resourceful

(or at least, have access to many resources.)

It's something of a joke at work--if people need something, they know I'll have it in the religious education office. A square of sandpaper or duct tape or screwdriver for an emergency  repair? Got it. Salt for the chalice? Yep. First aid supplies? Of course!

This really comes in handy when, say, you realize that a critical seam on your pants has split.  Yes, there I was at 8:30 AM with a handful of tiny safety pins.

I cannot take credit for the abundance of riches--most of the gathering was done long before I took this job.  No, I'm just a curator of it all, and there are still treasures to uncover.

Today I was pulling together craft supplies to make butterflies.  I had pulled out a bag of tissue paper pieces--and hey, origami paper in there, too.  Sort of an advanced version of the craft.

The same bag had these cardstock hearts--I set them aside, to put with the gazillion other heart-shaped supplies we have.

It was a full hour before I glanced at the hearts again, and noticed that they appeared to have a seam. Some sort of card?  I flipped it open and looked down.

Hey, butterfly!

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