Friday, March 28, 2014

Movie Dirt

It is Friday night, so movie time.

As I write this post, King Arthur (2004 movie) is on TV, and I am struck by the relative amounts of dirt on the various characters. Some of these guys are pretty darned filthy, while others appear to have modern-day standards of cleanliness and upkeep. This is especially obvious in a movie where half the people are wearing facial tattoos and paint.

This is true in so many movies. Of course, the main characters are often the cleanest. When they are royalty, I guess I can understand- they would have privilege (and staff!) beyond those around them. But secondary characters and fallen villains with facial hair requiring Tony Stark precision? Unlikely.

In general, the enemy seems to be dirtier than "the good guys"--accentuating the fact that they are somehow lesser? Playing on the conceit of "heathen" uncivilized versus godly people.  This becomes part of the character design, held up by a fleet of hair and makeup artists, wardrobe folks,and the continuity folks who make sure the dirt (or lack thereof) stays in the same places.

On a lighter note, I really want Lancelot's woven leather coat.


  1. Watch this video clip from 8:19 to 8:30: