Sunday, March 30, 2014

Fixing our disconnects

Much earlier today, I posted to Facebook:

The disconnect between the general and the specific:

I am certain there is an abundance of good in the world.
But this morning I worry if there is enough coffee.

Yes, I was mostly making a goofy post about needing more caffeination, but there's some actual thought underneath (I think.)

It's easy enough to state a belief or even an idea based in fact, but the specifics of actually getting there? Oy, that is far more difficult.

From the personal-
A healthy diet is important... but Cheetos are delicious.

To the relational-
Peace is our goal... but I'm going to fight my sister for video game time.

This, my friends, is how life provides us with plentiful opportunities to practice our beliefs, whatever they may be. Embodying what you hold to be true takes a fair amount of spiritual muscle, whether it is striving forward to accomplish something, or to hold back your baser instincts.

So, what is your disconnect?

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