Monday, March 31, 2014

Challenge: Moving that bushel

Behold my netbook keyboard.
After 4 years of heavy use, it shows the traffic patterns of commonly used letters and finger rest stops. EOASDLCNM are more or less gone, with a few more keys close behind. (The down arrow was lost in a dog-related incident.)

It's all good, though--I touch type! And a handy side benefit? It keeps my kids from 'borrowing' my primary computer each time I walk out of the room.

This lack of clarity is cute enough for an anecdote, but what about when it's a congregation with poor signage or an outdated website? Or systems making it difficult for people to figure out what is going on and how to make change?

Is this simply neglect, limited capacity, or for some reason or another putting the light of not just that congregation but our faith under a bushel [1]?

These questions are scalable--to the responsibility of individuals, of congregations, and of the denomination. Last month RevCyn wrote about ways the UUA as an organizaiton could simplify some of the website/publication woes with a standard template for all to use and adapt.

But for my purposes, let's start with the easy stuff.
*Can a first-time guest find your sanctuary? The restrooms?
*Does your website show what's going on in the coming month?
*If someone wants to join your congregation, is there a clear way to know those steps?
*If you found something wrong in your congregational printed or digital materials, whom would you contact to handle it?

My challenge to all of us: answer these questions honestly. Consider what needs fixing, and do something.

I could go on. But I need to go put these items on my own to-do list.

1: Matthew 5:15

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