Saturday, March 8, 2014

Urgency! (and soup)

"Hi, Mom.  We're done with our class."
Over forty-five minutes early, across town.
This is not the phone call you want just as your lunch arrives.
SOUP!  And these adorable peppers stuffed with goat cheese...

I suppose I could have asked for it to all be packed up. But none of that is in any way road food, and I was mighty hungry.  So I took the time to finish my soup and delicious peppers. I read an article and a half. I declined dessert.

When I got across town, the kids were playing happily. Mine were far from the only ones still waiting to be picked up.

Life is full of urgency.  So many things and people and ideas demand our attention Right This Moment. Rarely, however, do they require such immediate action that you should stop eating your soup.

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