Sunday, March 16, 2014

Success Without Perfection (Thank goodness!)

I will admit to having some major perfectionist tendencies and not dealing well when things start spiraling out of control.  And let's face it--there's only so much control any of us have over things.

We were having people over for a dinner party Friday, and it was one of those days when nothing was going as smoothly as it might-

  • At some point in the prep, I realized that one of my kids had snitched half of the cauliflower from the gobi aloo (Indian dish featuring potatoes and cauliflower)
  • I dropped one of the side dishes on the floor--spicy mushrooms and porcelain mingled across the floor.  SMASH!  Wasted food and a big mess.
  • I made sure to leave time to shower and primp a little... and the hair dryer went kaput a minute into drying my hair.
  • Secondborn was working with a ganache frosting for the first time, and it was an insane mess.
  • I had a turmeric incident, and the pot of macaroni and cheese was NEON yellow.

Some of these things I could not change--there was no time to buy and roast more cauliflower, and those mushrooms and that bowl--gone, daddy, gone.

Others took a little problem solving--we figured out that the hair dryer went out because we tripped a circuit.  Easy enough.  And putting the cake and the ganache in the fridge for a bit helped
everything to firm up and get more cooperative.

The party was a big success--by the time our guests arrived we were going with the flow.  There was still plenty to eat, there was great conversation, and it turns out that people will devour macaroni and cheese regardless of its color.  I'm told that turmeric is good for the digestion.  Something about stimulating the liver...

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