Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I have a headache again. It's a rebound headache from the one I had yesterday, and now it's too late in the evening for the caffeine-aspirin combo I would usually have as a first resort.

One of the biggest triggers for a migraine I've found thus far is poor sleep hygeine. Not getting enough sleep, or getting off my schedule, can easily push me over the edge, and suddenly I have to take to my darkened cave.  Ugh. As much as I love a nice nap, I prefer to avoid the pain and nausea.

I could blame the time change, but really it is all on me.  I took too long and too late a nap on Sunday, then stayed up far later than I should have that night, and got up far too late on Monday. I really do know better. And yet I'm up a little late now, when I know my alarm goes off early tomorrow...

Supposedly pain makes for an excellent teacher. And yet people will put up with considerable pain rather than consider changing their habits or losing something they have.  Rational?  Not especially.

Maybe one of these days we'll grow up.
Or at least stop making the same painful mistakes.

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