Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Lenten Photo Practice Day 1: Connection

I am taking part in this mindfulness project with a themed picture every day.

Today's word was Connection.

No problem, thought I!  For the past ten years I have gotten up early most Wednesdays to help set up my veggie co-op.  PLENTY of connection there!

I was excited to see that we were getting vine tomatoes--already connected?  Meant to be.

But before I could take a picture, one of the other volunteers had separated all the tomatoes.
Lesson:  When you don't communicate your needs, there can be some real disconnects.

Ah well.  I went on a search then, trying to come up with something else likely.

Bananas grow in bunches, and are shipped in these groupings--generally three to nine bananas. It's like a little yellow family. When I only need a couple I feel a little bad for breaking the connections.

Turnips, on the other hand, grow individually.  If we get them with fresh greens, they're most often bundled up like this.  This is more the chosen relationships of our lives--where and with whom do we choose to huddle?

Whatever your connections, may they be delicious!


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