Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Irony, be not lost on us

My kids love love love their computer. They have an assortment of games they play whenever they possibly can- some singly and some with their friends as they talk via "Team speak".

It makes me more than a little grumpy when the children are tied to the computer more than anything else. When they have not read more than six pages in their books in days because they are busy with some endeavor online.  When I get that Heavy Sigh requiring full teen lung capacity if I suggest that it is time for a chore or bed or even going out  to a restaurant they like.

Of course, I am writing this observation on my computer, which has been near me much of the evening.  I have checked facebook and blog stats and email and my other email and the message board for my online course and chatted with colleagues and researched grills and read about Alban's closing and... well, you get the picture.

It is easy enough for me to claim that my time was productively spent. But when my sons and I stop to talk about it, the boys can explain how they are learning things, how they are connecting with people near and far, and how they are developing skills far beyond what I might have imagined.

And to be fair, they finished their chores, while I never got around to making coleslaw this evening.

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