Friday, March 14, 2014

Porta-pottie transport, and other late night ramblings

This morning I drove to work behind a flatbed carrying porta-potties.
FOURTEEN porta-potties, as it turned out.  I decided not to take this as an omen for my day, and I also kept a VERY safe following distance.  Just in case, dontcha know.

I stopped at the pie shop for pie and breakfast, and when I was finished, I found a very glossy Maserati parked next to my car. Looking more like it!

What are the random events that we let determine our attitudes as we go through the day?

Some input does have known impacts--a lack of sunshine can be hard of us, but especially those who have Seasonal Affective Disorers and such.

But the vast majority of the sensory input we get each day has very little import to how our day might go.  Unless we attach meanings to it.

Making meaning... that certainly sounds familiar.

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