Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Grandpa Chair

Behold the Grandpa chair.  I'm told that the designer realized that while people like the looks of an Adirondack chair, it would be much easier to get in and out of a chair that's higher off the ground.

This one's also called the Grandpa chair because my sons made it with my father when we were visiting his house.  They got to cut and drill and router (route?) and sand, then stain and assemble.  Once it was all together they numbered every piece and took the chair apart so it would fit into the car.

My father is visiting next week and my children are preparing in their own ways.  PICKLES was scrawled on the grocery list--they know what he likes.  And we had some tense negotiations this week, deciding that Saturday will be haircut day, before Grandpa can suggest the pet trimmers.  They're making lists of possible day trips and projects they'd like to fit into this shared Spring Break.  Maybe I'll get another chair out of the deal.

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