Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Time travel at my desk

I cannot juggle. Really. I have an interesting relationship with gravity, and balls in the air hit the ground if I am in any way involved.

Life, however, demands prioritizing and making things fit. I find this is especially confusing when we are working on a variety of time frames.

There are the immediate things--an urgent phone call, the person who shows up in my office. The deadlines and things I need to get to others this week.

Further off are the plans I need to set for this summer. And ideas we need to start on for next year. And oh yes, we would like to consider our five-year and ten-year plan.

It is most definitely more than I can hold in my brain--sure, I have plenty of neural space, but it's easily waylaid with thoughts of today's lunch or bad recall loops of 80s lyrics.

So there are calendars and sticky notes and spreadsheets, which, I'll be honest, give me happy thrills. But they just do not compare to a gorgeous day outside, full of blooming flowers and bright blue skies and squirrels.

Curtains, perhaps.

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