Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Getting The Medicine Down

The start of the month means it is time to give our dog her heartworm pill. 

Apparently these pills don't taste great, or perhaps she's fussy, but tossing it in her food bowl or wrapping it in a piece of lunchmeat or cheese? Nope.  She leaves the pill to the side. So we have to resort to drastic measures...
Peanut butter.

Oh, yes, peanut butter is the glorious yum of all goodness--she inhales it, never considering what might be hidden in that dollop of heaven.

Of course, there are things enough in this world that distract me entirely--only some of them food. What about you? Does a cheeseburger or a cupcake help the medicine go down? Does a fluffy novel or a video game help you forget the bitter of the day?

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