Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Lessons From A Start-Up

It's hard to be cheerful about most anything at 6:30 AM.
As I prepare for the new church year my sons have been starting their first year of high school.

Here are a few lessons from their first seven days:

1) Change can be exhausting-take naps when you can.
2) Try to stay on top of the paperwork, even when it seems painfully repetitive.
3) Trust your instincts--if things seem wrong, investigate.
4) Ask for the help you need. Know that sometimes it takes a few false starts to figure out where the help might come from.

5) Take comfort in the familiar.
6) Break in your new shoes on an off day.
7) Last year's pencil bag may not be shiny and new, but it still works and a sweet girl doodled on it.
8) You can't control the schedule. Be flexible, and take a book.

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