Monday, September 15, 2014

So Much Chart Paper...

We do a fair amount of brainstorming and sharing of ideas around here, and while we have white boards in most classrooms, we still go through rather a lot of those sticky easel pad sheets. 

Yes, I purchase the recycled content ones, but still--that's a lot of paper to fit into the recycle bin when I'm done.  So what can we do with all those leftover papers?

  • Some of the especially interesting/funny/astute sheets end up on my office walls for some time. It does my heart good to glance at them.
  • Slice off the sticky part and you've got giant origami paper. (The grid stuff is especially useful in this regard.)
  • It's a bit unwieldy for paper airplanes, says the voice of experience.
  • Preschoolers will happily color on the backs of the sheets. Heck, stick two sheets together and you can trace their bodies.

No, please no, this post in no way indicates that I want you to drop a stack of used easel sheets at my door or in my office!

What's your favorite secondary use for these?

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