Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sleep And Other Overdoses

I love sleeping in. Oh, to sleep until noon would be so delicious. And yet...

Like many people, I do best when I stick to a fairly regular sleep schedule. Messing with the timing or the total time much makes for a rough day, and can trigger a migraine. (And a migraine makes me need more sleep, which messes further with total time and timing...)

Yes, it is possible for me to overdose on sleep. I'm hoping to avoid discovering the fatal dose.

Most anything, from the banal to the life-sustaining, can be addictive and even damaging. Sometimes the thing has risks of its own, and sometimes it's just a matter of what else it is distracting us from. 

Oh, to set aside those delicious dreams and awaken, habits freeing up room to take on the world-changing whatever we might be capable of doing.

(Maybe after I sleep.)

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