Thursday, September 18, 2014

Places/Times To Read A Few Pages

So many books to read, so little time, right?

Here are my sneaky places.moments to read a few more pages--what are your favorite tricks?

*In the car. Mostly while waiting for my kids to be done with clubs or whatever, but sometimes in really bad traffic.  I think I read most of Tom Sawyer driving home last year--there's a bad backup two miles from my office.  And whenever someone else is driving, of course.

*At breakfast meetings with myself- after I figure out to-do lists and hit a writing deadline, I'll read while I have another cup of coffee.

*Outside in a camp chair, as weather allows. It's good to remember that there's an out of doors. The chair can help me believe I'm on an adventure.

*Inside in a camp chair, when weather does not allow

*In the three minutes waiting for a meeting/webinar/whatever to start

*Airplanes. Note to self- the new Percy Jackson book comes out soon...

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