Saturday, September 6, 2014

The Chair, Night One

The Chair is a new cable show (Starz) in which two directors are given the opportunity to make a film, starting with the same script and location and production company.

First episode observations in no particular order:

*Being a director does not mean that you know how to frame yourself in a webcam/video camera. Holy nauseating camera work.

*If you're supposed to direct, you might not have all the time for every single detail. Like, you know, endlessly rewriting the provided script.

*Think carefully on whether or not you really need to star in the first full-length movie you direct.

*Superbad was SEVEN YEARS ago. You might not be as cutting edge as you think you are.

*Pittsburgh has snow in the winter. Like forty inches a year. Plan for it.

*Sticky notes are relentlessly useful.

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