Monday, September 22, 2014

Observations from Open House

Tonight was open house at the high school. I can now report that:

*According to my Fitbit, secondborn's schedule requires at least 5000 steps just to get from class to class. PE class is definitely more, as is the walk to and from the bus stop.

*There are mounted TVs in each classroom, eternally playing a slide show of important messages. Distraction, much?

*One of the teachers graduated from the same school eight years ago. That  means he's about the same age I was during my own time in public education.

*The fundamentals of engineering classroom has a 3-D printer.

*One teacher was a college football player. Another was a college tennis player, ranked in her home country.

*"Interactive notebooks" are a big thing right now. By which I mean paper notebooks where everyone has the same things on the same pages.

*The kids' school obviously does not have a 'natural hair color' policy. We saw examples from all over the visible spectrum.

*Firstborn's English classroom library includes a 'parent approval required' section. 

And of course, this leads back to the eternal wondering every time I drive up to that building--HOW is it possible that I'm already the parent of high school students? Running into acquaintances who are parenting seniors doesn't help.

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