Friday, September 12, 2014

You Will Never Be Finished...

but there is definitely such a thing as good enough.

I say that as someone with strong perfectionist tendencies, who also likes some measure of time off and sleeping in.

Figuring out the boundaries or the slope of the curve (or however you visualize it) of "enough", well, there's the tricky part.

It would be easy enough to quantify a to-do list, and claim that 75% or maybe even 80% would define success.  I will be the first to admit that some days I look for three easy things to cross off the list, so I can have the rush of progress. And then there are days when a 'simple' task expands, or something comes up, and you are grasping to get anything DONE. A certain prioritizing needs to happen--if one of the undone items is "feed the dog", you're going to have someone snapping at your heels. 

This Sunday is our first day of a new year of Sunday School. Weeks and months of work are all coming together, and yet I know that more than a couple of things will remain undone. Hopefully, though, enough has been done that all may feel safe enough to be stretched, loved enough to risk engaging with someone new, and inspired enough to reach joyfully towards transformation.

And please, may no one vomit, bleed, or bring glitter.

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