Wednesday, September 10, 2014

The Interdependent Web And Sugary Snacks

One morning this week I got a message on Facebook from someone 1400 miles away, "Hey, do you know anybody at X church?"

X church is four hours from here, but yes, I know a few people there. Part of me worried where this was going, but I affirmed.

"Well, do you think one of them would deliver a donut to someone there?"

After I stopped laughing, we discussed such complicated logistics as TYPE of donut.

I sent an email to my colleague there, letting her know that it was an odd request. But she was up for the challenge. Awesome!

Today the delivery happened and was well received.

The blessings of a single donut have rippled through the week.
Favors and laughter and networking and sugary sweetness--it's all good.

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