Monday, May 12, 2014

10 Reasons to Stay Up "Too Late"

AKA, why I'm not in bed yet

1. The kids are asleep.
2. Fallon
3. The internet is full of addictive goodness and a healthy dose of WHA? This 2048 thing is really something.
4. We spent a lot of money on this couch.
5. I have so many books to read. (And reread.)
6. Tuesday has many obligations.*
7. Things I might want to finish before I sleep.
8. Naps may have happened earlier in the day.
9.  Pondering existential questions like "When did I last water that orchid?"
10. There's a big storm system coming. Ok, not for another four hours, but my friends in Austin are making it sound cool on Facebook.

*Yes, I understand completely that this is a wretched cycle and I really need to grow up.
Maybe on Tuesday.

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