Monday, May 5, 2014

Digital frequent flyer (but not native)

I was raised in the 80s, so we had some sort of computer in the house for most of my childhood.  We had cartridge games for our Vic 20 and did some Basic programming. At school we did LOGO things on the Apples, and you don't want to know how many hours I spent playing Lemonade Stand when I was done with all of my classwork and sent to the library for 'enrichment'.  I never really got to the point of comfort where I was doing my own programs or hacking, unlike a certain partner of mine who figured out how to make the Lemonade Stand temperature 900 degrees...

I got my first email account in '92, and spent a fair amount of time on MUDs and MUCKs, as well as various Usenet groups and email distribution groups. The only computing/tech course I took in college was a computer skills for educators course--most of what I remember is the shortness required of file names in the past. (I thought of this the other day, while saving "Summer Sundays Half Sheet Insert 2014.")

When I got pregnant and had my kids, the parenting boards of the web were a blessing and a curse. (I could write a whole post here...) When I was on bedrest, we had a 100 foot cable across the house... I learned just enough HTML to make a Tripod website.  I became an administrator of various mailing lists.  I had a couple of livejour
Learning on a webinar while sitting
on my patio. Thank goodness for wi-fi.
nal accounts. I wrote yearly novels with NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.)

As I started writing Sunday School lessons, I gained quick proficiency in Google searches. Eventually it was my church work that led me to join Facebook and Twitter and Instagram and Pinterest and Google+. (I'm better with some of these than others...) It was church work, too, that got me doing web conferences and google hangouts as we discovered new ways to meet and to learn.

Saturday night I had a work things come up-- I needed to set up my new phone as a mobile hot spot so I could use my netbook to send on an attachment to a wide group of people. At a restaurant as we were finishing dinner. It was a bit eye-rolling, but it was a lot less disruptive than having to head home right then and there. Some days I love living in the future.

There are so many more things I could learn--it's more than a little daunting, but I'm also excited to see what might come next.

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