Saturday, May 24, 2014

In Medias Res

I am a champion channel flipper. I grew up without cable and flipped to avoid commercials.

Even with no-interruption movie stations, I still have chaotic watching habits. I turn things on in the middle and stay for the best bits--a specific sequence or a great line, before flipping to the next thing. (I write this while watching Warm Bodies, with a brief interruption to catch the last scene of This Is The End. Because I can.)

There are some films that I have actually never watched all the way through. Not optimal, I know, but I get by.

In relationships, we rarely start at the beginning of each other's stories. We are already in the middle of our lives, and we do our best to make sense of where we are. Sometimes there are misunderstandings to work through, and backstories to share.

Religious communities are relationship writ large, and excepting a brand new church start, many people present were not there for the beginning. Church stories may or may not be told, and the sacred cows may or may not be on parade at every gathering.

But whenever a person walks in, does the story make sense? Can they find the value and the core message? Are they invited to help write the next chapters?

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