Wednesday, May 21, 2014

2048 and leadership development

Have you been playing 2048? It's this horribly simple and impossible and addictive game in which you're maintaining this neverending system of incoming numbers--trying to move all the numbers up in value before you run out of space. You're both trying to make the big numbers much much bigger, while minding the 2s and 4s to keep the lower levels from overwhelming everything.

In a way, this is what church leadership development can look like--balancing our energies as we integrate our newest members into simple roles and task forces, others into governance and entrepreneurial leadership.  There is a sweet efficiency, in both the game and our churches, when some of this work can happen with the same movement--a great way to multiply ministries.

(And the wonderful advantage or religious community as opposed to this game? In community there's more than one set of eyes and hands and love and mental energy to keep on top of it all!)

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