Sunday, May 11, 2014

When someone else makes supper

Today my sons took responsibility for dinner. Firstborn made a pot roast and
veggies in the slow cooker, while secondborn made a strawberry rhubarb crisp.

They had found recipes to follow, and I stayed out of the kitchen while they worked. (They did ask a few questions, but no big whoop. It was their gig.)

We ate a little after 6, and it was pretty quiet at the table, because we were busy gobbling. We all thanked firstborn for the entree and secondborn for dessert. 

If I had wanted to criticize, I could have had a field day.

  • There was rushing of the 'sear' step.
  • The veggies were cut too small for a long cooking--the carrots were still obvious with the orange, but I think the parsnips disappeared completely.
  • 'Cut against the grain' is a skill that takes practice. 
  • There was no gravy.
  • Secondborn got distracted while processing the oats--the topping was more a fine layer than something rustic. 
  • Their father had to remind them repeatedly to put away leftovers and wash up, and even then, most of the dishes remain to be washed.

But short of a major safety issue, I was not going to kvetch.
I enjoy someone else making dinner. Especially on a day when restaurants are especially busy and crazy. And I know that these guys are showing initiative and getting practice--progress will come, assuming they keep interest and some measure of confidence.

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