Friday, May 16, 2014

Saving Graces

When my great-grandmother played cards, she had an impatient little mutter for folks taking too long at their turn--"Sh*t or get off the pot."

It's vulgar, but it's also a relatively accurate portrayal of my Fridays, as I prepare for the weekend's church activities.  (I usually stick to a mantra of "If it's going to get done, you'd better finish it now. Or, put it away.")  

Things that are in progress but not immediate are filed away for next week. Research stacks are straightened a little, perhaps, and grudgingly ignored while we turn to the nuts and bolts.

Energies go to any last-minute changes and edits, preps and explications, and reminders and touching base... all in an elaborate dance with whomever else is tying up their own loose ends in the office. 

I had front-loaded my week on Tuesday, so hypothetically I had plenty of time Thursday and Friday morning.  Hypothetically.  In reality, I was waiting on some information before I could complete one project, and then I had a wonderful and productive meeting--suddenly it was nearing 4 PM on a Friday and I just
needed to fold a bunch of orders of service.

Now, we have a machine for this, and it is significantly faster than I have ever been.  BUT it is a multi-purpose machine and it was set for tri-fold, not bi-fold.

There are instructions--in hieroglyphics, I think.  I matched things up as best as I could remember, and succeeded in making some creative not-solutons.

I was just starting to whimper when I heard a coworker announce that she was heading out for the weekend.  I let out a plaintive cry for help, and voila, she appeared, and together we figured out the hieroglyphics. Five minutes later she was out the door and I had my finished stack, ready for a special event this weekend.

Thank goodness.

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