Saturday, May 10, 2014

Unintentional injury

This morning I was looking through the day-old baked goods at the grocery store. I lifted up some cinnamon rolls to check the sell-by date and accidentally knocked a pie to the floor. It landed upside down, the mess just barely contained in the clamshell container. 


Often, the hurts we cause one another are entirely unintentional. We just aren't thinking ahead on all the variables-who do our actions affect? Who do we need to inform? Is there a way to do things that doesn't result in collateral damage?

Chances are we'll still screw up sometimes.   Then it's time to figure out how we can make things right- apologizing sincerely, repairing what we can, and taking responsibility in cleaning up messes. 

Because yep. Life is MESSY. I guess it is possible that grace might tiptoe neatly into our lives, and also that woodland creatures will do the dishes while I sing sweet tunes. But in the meantime, we need to be willing to get down on the floor and scrub.

And yes, I went ahead and paid for the pie. We'll call it cobbler and have it with ice cream.

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