Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Extra Time

Today was jury duty.

I knew it was coming, so I purposely front loaded my week, getting the majority of my MUST DO list done with a very long office day Tuesday, just in case I somehow got sequestered for the length of the trial. Paranoid or prepared?

I even came up with productive things to do while waiting at the courthouse. (Note to self--the local courthouse has very limited seating. This impacts what you can actually accomplish.)

But within an hour the entire jury pool was thanked, dismissed, and sent on our way

Huh.  I wouldn't even miss my staff meeting. 

And suddenly the week stretches out ahead of me, full of ripe possibilities. I could go deep on one of my upcoming projects, or knock out a dozen little things. I could catch up on some of the articles I've been meaning to read. I could put some energy into one of the big things that seemed too daunting and required a big block of time I felt I just didn't have.

Abundance is not necessarily less busy than scarcity, but it seems to be less stressful.

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