Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Pizza Pragmatism

I’m told there is this management idea (in various journals and Dilbert), possibly from Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, of meetings never being for more people than you could feed with a couple of pizzas. As someone parenting ravenous teens, I’m a little dubious of that math, but I do enjoy economies of scale using pizza.

Really, I just enjoy pizza. One of the fringe benefits of church work is there’s often an excuse to order pizza—especially when you work with children and youth. 

Why is pizza such a ubiquitous church food? Well, it gives people a warm meal, yet it is portable, and requires precious few dishes/silverware. It is relatively inexpensive and yet most people consider it a treat. There’s some flexibility when you’re unsure of your numbers—some days you need to implement a 2-slice limit, and other times you’ll put a pie in the fridge and staff has lunch the next day. (Oh darn, says church staff!)

It is also quite customizable-vegetarians and meatatarians can exist in peace!  Get the right pizza place and you can even feed the gluten-free and vegan! Condiments are relatively simple-grated Parmesan, maybe a little crushed red pepper flake. I’ve seen folks dip their crusts in any number of sauces and (ranch!?) dressings, but I’ll admit that I don’t really understand that. (My true prejudice, though, is people who don’t eat their crusts.  Oh my goodness…)

What’s my point?  (Do I need one?) Pizza--both practical and delicious.

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