Sunday, May 18, 2014

Even Mylar Has Its Limits

Witness this balloon, a present at my birthday party a little over two months ago*. Mylar is a miraculous thing, as this sucker is still bobbing around my house. But, it’s definitely looking a little worse for wear. Soon, I know, it will start to sink.

I feel sort of similar. It’s about the end of the church year and I am TI-RED.  I’m still bouncing through to-do lists and keeping up with things and trying to plan for what comes next, but at the same time, ooh, I can see where I’m a little flat.  

I find myself counting the weeks until my vacation, and considering ways to take a load off just a little bit in the meantime.  Breathing a deep sigh of relief as things ‘finish’ for the year-none of it is really LET GO of, but at least there’s a break of sorts. 

Seven weeks until vacation. 
I can do it.
I think.

*No, I can’t believe no one (including me) has popped the balloon by now. Not on accident or for a kaboom or even for making munchkin voices.

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