Friday, May 30, 2014

Glory (Giggly Goofy) Days

Yesterday was the last day of school here in Houston. I spotted this winningly TP'd house this morning, and boy howdy, how it took me back.

Ok, not to my youth. When I was a teen, the grocery stores in my hometown did not allow kids to buy toilet paper after dark.
(Yes, this was occasionally an issue when my mother sent me to do the shopping. And yes, we figured out other ways to prank each other. Hint: Frozen lima beans scattered in someone's lawn will not sprout in the spring. But plastic forks, artfully arranged, make a statement AND can be reused for future forkings.)

I will admit that I have toilet papered a house.  I was considerably older than a high schooler.  It was a goofy spur of the moment decision with some other nice suburban ladies, and we learned that the process is far harder than it seems. (Thinking back, it might have had something to do with the toilet paper we were using... was it single-ply? Recycled? I do not know, but it kept ripping. A measly seven squares of TP does not make a proud streamer.)

Have you ever done something impetuous?
Something goofy and giggly and with as little thought as possible?

Maybe it wasn't criminal mischief and maybe it didn't waste a whole lot of paper.
But I hope you've had a chance to giggle helplessly and breathlessly and bump into your friends and have a story you could snicker and snort about in the years to come.

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